Why Are Jeep Wranglers So Expensive (We’ve Got The Answer)

Buying new cars is expensive, but buying a used Jeep Wrangler is also expensive. Why are Jeep Wranglers so expensive?

Jeep Wranglers are so expensive because they have a high resale value. These cars hold less than other compact sport-utility or compact SUV vehicles, but they’re well-known for being great off-roading vehicles. The Jeep Wrangler is customizable, easy to insure, and not hard to maintain.

What is it about Jeep Wranglers that makes them so expensive? For more information on Jeep Wranglers, read on below.

What Features Make Jeep Wranglers so Expensive?

Many factors go into why a car is expensive. Apart from the car’s features, there are factors to consider like the economy and the car market that can indicate why cars are expensive. In 2021, the car buying market is really high. Used cars are more expensive than they should be because they are in high demand. So, for the year 2021, one reason why Jeep Wranglers are so expensive is that the market for cars and the economy is more expensive than it has been in recent years.

Another reason why Jeep Wranglers are so expensive is that it is a great off-road car. The suspension on the car and the size of the tires allow the car to climb over almost anything. As mentioned in Autotrader, most SUVs and compact sport vehicles are not built the same as a Jeep Wrangler. It is made to go out in any weather, in different climates, and it is built to overcome many hard and adventurous circumstances.

People who buy Jeep Wranglers intend to use it off-road. It can tackle rocks, the desert, and the design of the doors and roof are made for people who love the outdoors and love to go on adventures. You can buy one that has half doors that allow the windows to be removed completely and all there is to see is the outdoors. They can also have sunroofs and removable roofs. Part of the overall look is keeping the spare tire on the outside of the car, on the back where the trunk door is. This allows for more cargo space, but overall other brands’ compact SUVs and sport utility vehicles are made with more cargo space.

Not only is the exterior made for messy adventures, but the interior is too. You can get a Jeep Wrangler with amazing features, but here are some in their 2021 model that are very notable. First, the material covering the interior of the doors, the seats, the floors, the dash, and more are made to be easy to clean. If you and some friends go out on an adventure, and you are all muddy, or wet, or you have a lot of dirt on you, then this car is made to combat that. Jeep is made for adventurous people, so if you go out and get messy in the crazy outdoors, the worst outcome would be that your seats, floors, and more get stained. But, Jeep wants you to go and have fun and not care about the mess so they have made their interior easy to clean.

After the materials used on the interior, the next notable features are the stereo system, the cargo, and the drain for cleaning the floors. The stereo system is a nine-speaker Alpine Premium Audio System. There is an overhead soundbar and they are all weatherproof with a 552-watt amplifier. The cargo space is great as well. In the back, the trunk has great floor space but there is also some cargo space under the floor for you to use. You can store or hide gear or valuables while you travel or when you leave your car, and it can keep your possessions safe and protected.

The drain in the car is a great feature. If you are cleaning the floors in your car, then instead of pulling out the mats and washing them outside, you can keep them in and open a hole that will drain water out. You will be able to scrub, wipe, and even wash the floors with a hose. You will simply open up the hole and drain the water, dirt, and other substances out so that you can enjoy a clean car without any hassle or having it take too long.

Especially in the newer models, these features make the car expensive. But overall, having the Jeep Wrangler prove itself year after year to be an amazing off-roading car is what makes its re-selling value so high and why the SUV popularity continues to climb.

How do Jeeps Maintain Their Value?

Jeep Wranglers maintain their value because they are popular amongst Jeep buyers and outdoorsy drivers and because they are great at performing well across a variety of terrains. Conditions or circumstances that could harm, damage, or ruin other compact SUVs and sport utility vehicles do not affect the Jeep Wrangler. Meaning, it is proven to be a great performing car in the outdoors and off-road, and over the years people have been able to rely on and trust this car model more and more.

There are great kits and features you can add to your car to improve its value and it can make your driving experience better overall but also extremely unique for each owner. For instance, getting a lift kit is one of the top additions to Jeep Wranglers. When the suspension is higher, then your car can go over more rough terrain. So, this improves your own riding experiences but it also adds great value to your car if you trade it in or sell it.

You can also improve the tires you get on the car. When you need new tires, you can get some with greater traction, and you can get a bigger size. If you lift your car above the ground more, then you can get a bigger tire. This allows for the car to have a better grip on the ground in more weather conditions and in newer terrains. And because of how it improves the car and opens up more places for the car to go, it, in turn, improves the car’s value.

If you got the Jeep Wrangler lifted, then another feature you can get to maintain and improve the value of the car is to get sidesteps. You can get this accessory for the car and have it easily installed. Your car will be high off the ground, so to help all passengers with getting in and out of the car, you can get bars or sidesteps for everyone to be able to get in and out easily. It is an upgrade that makes driving a high suspended car easier and if you resold the Jeep, it would do well to have that feature included on it.

To make sure your Jeep Wrangler keeps its value up over time, make sure you treat it well. Make sure you are on top of when your car needs to be checked up on, when it needs a simple oil change or a tire rotation when it needs new tires, when it needs repairs, and much more. Make sure that you drive it safely and carefully, and that you keep the car running happily. By simply being on top of maintenance and repairs, you can keep your car in good shape and make the resale value as high as it can be.

Jeep Wranglers are very popular because customers trust and rely on them for their amazing off-roading performance. Buying a used Jeep Wrangler is expensive compared to other compact SUVs and other sport utility vehicles because of their popularity. This makes them have high resale values and customers who are outdoorsy and adventurous love the Jeep Wrangler and they will keep it for a long time, or they will trade it in fr the newer year or model of the Jeep Wrangler.

People love the Jeep wrangle not only for how it runs and where it can be used but also for its style and looks. There is something about the boxy shape and the look of the front headlights, and the tire being part of the design on the back that people love. They can take off the roof, have a sunroof, have large windows to roll down for a very open ride, and more. Not everyone is a fan of the style and look of Jeeps, but it is definitely a contributing factor to why people love it so much.

One fun thing about Jeeps is that there is a hidden mark called an Easter Egg in or outside the car. You can have a little animal hidden in the design of the car that makes the car popular. It blends in, and not even all Jeep drivers know there is something fun hidden in their car, and others take a long time to find it. But it adds to the car’s popularity among Jeep drivers and future buyers.

A new 2021 Jeep Wrangler starts out at $29,000 and with different trim packages or upgrades, it can go up to $74,440. There are a variety of customizations that you can add to the car and it will up the original cost. People love how you can change the inside and outside of the car to fit your needs and wants. If you live in the snow then you can change and add things that are better for driving in the snow. If you live and drive in the desert, or by the ocean, then you can customize the car for your needs. Jeep gets a lot of popularity for being able to take your dream and make it a reality by changing and adding features that best suit your needs and wants.

Another reason for the popularity of the Jeep Wrangler is the variety you can choose from. Out of the Jeep Wranglers, there’s the Jeep Wrangler Sport for $29,070, the Jeep Wrangler Willys Sport for $31,375, the Jeep Wrangler Sport S for $33,510, the Jeep Wrangler Islander for $34,960, the Jeep Wrangler Willys for $36,365, and the cars keep going from there. In total, there are 14 Jeep Wranglers that range from $29,070 to $74,440. You can choose a 2 door or a 4 door car, and there are a variety of features that makes each price increase reasonable.

People also love the low maintenance of the car. Most of the work you need is a simple oil change, and with the suspension of the car, you can do it yourself at a low cost. You can also get AWD/4×4 and Manual, all in one car. This allows for the driver to use the car for a variety of purposes and to change the driving style depending on the weather conditions.

No one can deny that the Jeep Wrangler is a car made for adventures. When you look at Jeeps product photos, you will find the car on top of rocks, in the mountains, in sand dunes, in snow, and on the road. Jeep has branded itself to be an adventurous car, and its product placement in movies helps with that image. Jeep Wranglers are in the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World movies, Back to the Future, Jaws, and more. All movies are adventure movies that take place in the city, on an island, and by the ocean. It helps solidify the idea that a Jeep is made for adventures and with its popularity in famous adventure movies, it keeps a reputation of being the best adventure car.

We asked a Jeep representative what makes the Jeep Wrangler so popular, and they provided a few great reasons. They mentioned that people love the aesthetic, the Jeep community, and how it drives well in all weather and in all different terrains. So apart from the performance, people love the look, style, and the community around owning and driving a Jeep. When a Jeep driver sees another Jeep on the road, they will wave to each other because they both own Jeeps (if you don’t do this, you need to, it’s in the rules of owning a Jeep!) Lastly, Jeep Wranglers have and always will, help you keep…The Wilderness on YOUR Side!

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